Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Flaxseed Oil For dogs

Flaxseed oil for dogs is especially beneficial to their health and well being - as it is for us individuals.

Dog nutrition has come on quite a distance in recent times and suppliers have done a good job in developing dog food consisting of a balanced diet of nutritional vitamins, minerals and essential oily fatty acids.

The processing that takes place with contemporary pet food means the majority of the healthy essential fatty acids (efa's) are left out. This is because it tends to turn rancid quite rapidly if not held inside a dry, cool location.

Efa's are just as necessary to maintain good health in human beings as well as dogs. A pet dogs diet plan that lacks it often results in symptoms, for example dried out flaky and itchy skin, a dull coat, immune disorders inflammation of the joints and possibly cancer.

Why Choose Flaxseed Oil For Your Pet Dog rather than Fish Oil?

Fish oil can give your dog smelly breath; they may not actually like the flavor, or at worst could even be allergic to it.

Luckily, flax seed oil for dogs does not come with any recognized unwanted side effects, it doesn’t have a yucky fishy odor and I don’t know of any dogs which have turned their nose up at it. But flax seed oil also offers your best friend with a number of other health benefits that are not present in oily fish.

Health Benefits of Flax Seed Essential Oil for Dogs

Just a little flaxseed oil added to your best friends meal regularly can help avoid numerous unpleasant problems:

1. Poor Coat Condition

The popular problem dogs encounter is a dull looking coat and even loss of fur. The skin can become inflamed, flaky and itching which just makes the issue even worse.

A dull coat and itching, flaky skin is a certain indicator of omega -3 deficiencies in a dog. Just by putting a small amount of flaxseed oil in your dog’s meal will most likely see these symptoms fade away within 2 weeks or so.

If your dog has a poor coat or displaying signs of flaking and itching skin, you can be assured that flaxseed oil will remedy the issue and prevent it from coming back.

2. Arthritis in Dogs

When I was young, our Golden Retriever dog suffered terribly from arthritis in her hind legs. I only wish my parents knew about flaxseed oil for dogs in preventing this painful, debilitating condition.

Around 25 Percent of all dogs will develop arthritis at some point in their life and this is mainly because of the insufficient efa's that helps prevent inflammation.

More Dog Medical Problems That Flaxseed Oil Can Treat

There are more ways that flaxseed oil can help your dogs health keeping it from falling a number of health conditions;

The risk of developing heart problems could be decreased with flaxseed oil. The oil’s qualities help to stop the build up of thick blood which can lead to clots and eventually a heart attack.

Flaxseed oil contains compounds called lignans. These lignans are known to help slow down and even stop the spread of cancer.


Flaxseed oil for dogs is a powerful way to increase the efa's in their diet as well as introducing a number of other healthy substances not found in fish, for a generally fitter, healthier and happier dog.

For more information on the benefits of flaxseed oil for dogs and other flaxseed benefits, visit http://www.flaxseedbenefits.org